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HR ScoreCards

With a high-level overview of how things function today, HR Scorecards compare those processes against HR best practices, resulting in a mini-audit of process, services, and policies, with feedback for compliance and practice changes. You’ll receive a Scorecard identifying areas of success and any areas for improvement.

Manager 101

To prepare new Managers in the organization, Manager 101 is a virtual toolkit to provide your managers with all the necessary resources required to hit the ground running – policies, procedures, and best practices customized to meet your business needs.

Job Family 


In order to develop purpose-driven careers, Job Family Descriptions are designed to provide job profiles in succession so the next job in the function is created simultaneously. As well as preparing a legally compliant description for each position, the tiers of a job hierarchy or a cross-functional lattice that evolves into a developed career roadmap. 


People Operations

Available to support Day-to-Day HR questions, onsite or remote, during established business hours. Can serve as back-up support during peak seasons, absence events or maternity coverage. 



To enhance your policy compliance and employee engagement, an Employee or Manager Handbook audit can be performed. A update to or development of identified policies and practice handbooks for each demographic can be performed.

Open Enrollment

The benefits cycle can a time-consuming creature, especially during Open Enrollment. Services are available during the selection, planning, scheduling, and enrollment event. With over a decade in benefits support and services, services are available hourly or as a custom service package.

Operations Support Service Package

•HR Policies Maintenance: Review, suggest and draft policies for review.

•HR Communications: Templates, drafts and editing of corporate and HR messaging.

•Day-to-Day HR Questions & Answers: Answer questions during set business hours for designated staff.

•New Employee Integration: Review/Update New Hire Orientation and on-boarding process for office/field based employees. Provide video based orientation, or CEO video welcome.

Service packages vary by customer need. Contact for a free estimate.

Subject Matter Expert Service Package

• HRIS/HRMS: Create, select and develop new HRIS systems & technology solutions. Update existing HR Systems for ideal configuration, security.

•Job Family Descriptions: Job Analysis Evaluation & Job Description Development

•Performance Management: Design & develop  assessment methods; perform an assessment of eligible employees.

•Employee & Manager Handbooks: Review/develop applicable policy and practice handbooks.

•Manager 101: Development of New Manager toolkits to include proven and newly created resources in an online platform.

•Benefits Vendor Support: Assist in implementation/ off-boarding of benefits vendor resources. 

Service packages vary by customer need. Contact for a free estimate.

Strategic Support Service Package

•Corporate Alignment: Outlining/Updating the Mission, Strategic Planning, Headcount, Succession, re-imaging the corporate voice.

•Corporate Goals: Establishing the cadence of Goal Setting, a Goal Cascade by the CEO to next level functional leads, and integration into the business unit plans.

•Project Management: Organizational Development & Succession Planning

•Project Management: Special Projects 

Service packages vary by customer need. Contact for a free estimate.

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