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“Acting responsibly is not a matter of strengthening our reason but of deepening our feelings for the welfare of others.”

Jostein Gaarder, Sophie's World

 “Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but ​manifestations of strength and resolution."

Kahlil Gibran

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to continuously pursue business practices established on anti-biased and anti-racist principles. that guide us to change the status quo of Human Resources and business operations. Today is about change and Champion HR Consulting is on the precipice of a transformation of more than a century's old practice of people management, policy language and the old adage of "personnel." 

We're leading the call to drive change in HR procedural processes, technology, analysis and design. We're removing bias with AI to create transparent pathways for our Champions of Change.


We're scraping the old labels. Here at Champion HR Consulting, the decision has been made to no longer use certain words phrases of business past that don't represent a positive few of talent and capabilities today. We will evaluate needs by talents and skill required versus a "butts in seats" mentality. 

Our strategy is to build teams made of Champions & Advocates! The best way to be seen as Advocates of one another, Champions of one's own career, and Advocates of the business is to hire and develop our teams into Champions! 

It's Easy To Be Green

We have a commitment to preserve our natural resources and serve our communities as good stewards of our planet for future generations. Champion is committed to limiting our carbon footprint wherever possible. 

​Our major contribution is through remote work in destination offices or home work facilitation. Over time this could provide for a signification reduction in transportation and commuter energy use and emissions. Additionally, the minimization of industrial office space accounts for a reduction of carbon-intense HVAC systems and endless strands of fluorescents.   


  • Pròiseact: Software Implementation Project Management Application
    • In production (2021)
  • Partnership with JazzHR with a robust and dynamic ATS!
  • More partnerships to come...

Showing Heart

Champion is so proud of many non-profit organizations lifting #BlackVoices to a place of prominence in media. The time for listening and taking notice is past. This is the time for action! Champion is delighted to support Inclusion Media Group, run by my brilliant friend, Nicole Pryor Dernersesian! Nicole's mission is to "create content that will amplify diverse voices in order to raise awareness, promote and improve diversity and inclusion in our world." We support you in this journey, Nicole!

Champion is also a proud sponsor of ethically minded and humane organizations that support the care and well being of animals in need throughout the United States. We are strong advocates for the humane, ethical and kind care of all animals. #ShowingHeart

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